Available courses

The ISO 9001 Awareness Course offered by CCI Services is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 9001 quality management system. This course aims to familiarize learners with the principles, requirements, and benefits of implementing ISO 9001 within an organization. Through a series of modules, participants will gain insights into quality management best practices, tools, and techniques necessary for achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Module 1: Introduction to ISO 9001
Module 2: Fundamentals of Quality Management
Module 3: Understanding ISO 9001 Requirements
Module 4: Context of the Organization
Module 5: Leadership and Commitment
Module 6: Planning for ISO 9001 Implementation
Module 7: Support and Resources
Module 8: Operation and Performance Evaluation
Module 9: Continual Improvement
Module 10: Preparing for ISO 9001 Certification
Module 11: Case Studies and Best Practices
Module 12: Final Assessment and Certification